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  • Germany
  • APIs for custody and account data

  • APIs for calculation algorithms from the portfolio management system ‘munio’

  • APIs including front-end components for integration into third-party systems

With the Minerva cloud-based open-banking API suite, all the functions of deposits, investments and accounts of almost 4,000 banks can be integrated and used at the push of a button. Furthermore, minerva accesses cores and algorithms of the portfolio management system munio, using its proven and certified interfaces to deliver results and key figures on various functions such as optimisation, rebalancing, monitoring and reporting in private banking. This significantly accelerates product development and ensures easy implementation and secure access for applications and innovations.

The Minerva open-banking API suite enables flexible expansion of existing architectures.

Its Software-as-a-Service solutions (SaaS) comply with German Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin – for example with regard to MiFID II or MaRisk – and meet technical standards such as ISO 27001 and DSG-VO.

The minerva open-banking API suite offers the following benefits:

  • Deposit and account data
  • Key figures and calculation cores
  • Price data

The Minerva open-banking API suite is a regulatory compliant application. It supports intelligent and robo-advisory-based optimisation processes. This allows developers to implement applications, from depot aggregation to robo-advisory, much faster and to expand their functionality and to operate more efficiently. Automated reporting functionalities provide an overview of securities performances in customer custody accounts.

All SaaS solutions are operated via the company’s private cloud-based solution platform at its German-based, independent data centre.

niiio finance Group hosts its own SaaS solutions but it “houses” them at independent data centres based in Germany. Data storage is ‘customer-related’ but can be passed on anonymously if required.


Group of services that can be used to retrieve cash account related data. Current balances and transactions are available. The REST Service /accounts can be used to list all available assets including their (optional) sub-numbers or types that can later be used to specify the desired asset more precisely.

  • GET_accounts
  • GET_accounts_balance_(IBAN_or_number)
  • GET_accounts_balances
  • GET_accounts_transactions
  • GET_accounts_transactions_(IBAN_or_number)


Group of services to provide bank specific information.

  • GET_bank_search_(search_value)
  • GET_banks_(BLZ)


Group of services that can be used to retrieve depot related data. It provides current balances of stocks and rudimental transaction information. The /depots service will return the exact naming of the available assets.

  • GET_depots
  • GET_depots_stocks
  • GET_depots_stocks_(depot_number)
  • GET_depots_transactions
  • GET_depots_transactions_(depot_number)


Group of services to provide stock specific information.

  • POST_stocks_(stock_identifier)

About the provider

The niiio finance Group AG is a banking-independent technology and software company.  It specialises in software solutions within the product family “niiio” which covers consulting / distribution / customer communication for banks, insurance companies, asset managers, independent financial service providers, etc. It operates from three office locations in Frankfurt, Görlitz and Dresden. In addition to its white label robo-advisor, it also provides platform solutions, API banking tools and portfolio management software solutions, bespoke consulting and development services and operating models.

It believes that in order to increase transparency in the financial markets, innovative products, services and business models should be brought together and made easily accessible. Its high-quality plug and play offerings are user-friendly and individually adaptable and help its clients to drastically cut costs and realise competitive advantages. niiio finance group AG is listed on the stock exchange and its “munio” solution has been successfully on the market for almost 13 years.