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Market coverage

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Global
  • Switzerland
  • Realistic, interactive wealth planning and goal-based investment advice

  • Execution during a customer conversation

  • Consider all assets, including those of third parties, and also non-bankable investments

  • Maximise individual goal achievement, taking into account the CIO perspective through custom investment strategies (instead of 3-5 model strategies)

  • Implement customer-specific investment and value concepts (for example sustainability criteria) in the context of portfolio construction

3rd-eyes analytics improves and automates asset planning by considering and simulating thousands of wealth market situations rather than relying on a single capital market scenario. At the same time, the solution is so interactive that results can be worked out during a customer discussion, or alternatively by customers themselves (online). The solution is MiFID II and FIDLEG compliant, modular and based on the latest asset-liability-management methodology (multiperiodic, stochastic optimisation) which is normally only available to institutional investors.  It enables the creation of tailor-made investment strategies and more realistic asset forecasts to optimise each client’s target achievement.

3rd-eye analytics can be licensed as a ‘front-end’ consultant, as an online version directly to customers, or via an API without a front-end.

3rd-eyes analytics offers financial services companies the following benefits:

  • Generation of new money: Customers are motivated to disclose all assets since they are rewarded with higher target achievement. This leads to more accurate identification of “share of wallet” and positions the consultant as a trusted advisor. Both make it easier to generate new investment.
  • Increase in revenue: Since the customer’s full situation is better known, cross-selling is much more successful (for example, credit repayment with a third-party bank, insurance sale with planned purchase of a car, etc.)
  • Cost reduction: Complete automation of the consulting process, including the declaration of suitability, increases efficiency.
  • Compliance compatibility

The 3rd-eyes analytics solution is both FIDLEG and MiFID II compliant.

  • Automated and more realistic wealth planning during a customer conversation.
  • Multi-periodic, stochastic and scenario-based methodology for the simulation and optimisation of client assets.
  • Determination of the individually optimal investment strategy for each client
  • Easy connection via SaaS / API (anonymisation API)


The 3rd-eyes analytics solution consists of the following modules: In a first step, the “profile” module records the customer’s personal data and generates a risk profile. Subsequently, the “assets and goals” module lists the customer assets and simulates the probability of achieving the goals. The “recommendation” module uses 3rd-eyes analytics to optimize the client’s achievement, either by means of a completely individualized investment strategy or by the appropriate choice of a predefined strategy portfolio. The “portfolio” module queries the customer’s preferences and selects the best investment products to meet these (e.g., ESG criteria, 20 different investment criteria). This allows the customer to see why a specific investment product is recommended. The “Reporting” module uses consulting protocols and the PRIIPs KIDs resp. to automatically generate the product information sheets, as prescribed by the regulatory authorities. Finally, the “Monitoring” module notifies customers (consultants) when there is a relevant development that necessitates a reassessment.

3rd-eyes data centre is 365 × 24 available.

The 3rd-eyes analytics solution does not require any customer-identifying data. It can be hosted either on-premise or within a private cloud. Calculations are performed by 3rd-eyes in the proprietary 3rd-eyes Cloud (currently Azure).


About the provider

3rd-eyes analytics is a WealthTech 100 company founded in 2015 by Stephanie Feigt and Dr. Rodrigo Amandi. 3rd-eyes analytics offers digital solutions for banks, asset managers and insurance companies. It enables customers to provide targeted, individual, realistic and sustainable advice through innovative technologies. It opens up established institutional investment methodologies to private clients for the first time, helping them to automate and significantly improve their asset planning.

The 3rd-eyes management team has many years of experience in wealth and asset management, portfolio construction, asset-liability management (ALM), business development and sustainable investing.

Stephanie Feigt, CFA, Founder and CEO has over 25 years of wealth management and sustainable investing experience. Founder of Contrast-Capital; Co-CEO, CIO and Head PM at RobecoSAM; Head of Investment Strategy at Clariden Leu, Credit Suisse; Senior Portfolio & Pension Manager at Siemens.

Rodrigo Amandi, PhD, Founder / COO: Over 15 years of wealth management experience, investment products and indices, and sustainable investing. Managing Partner at Contrast-Capital; Managing Director and Senior Analyst at RobecoSAM.

Michael Koschinsky, CTO: Over 30 years experience as programme manager, architect, CTO and CSO. Director Credit Suisse; CIO Kaiser Partner; Business Architect Avaloq; CIO Pintail. Master IT and Business Administration, University of Zurich, Executive MBA HSG.

Marc Mettler, Head of Business Development: Over 20 years of experience in the transformation of Wealth Management. Managing Director Senior Advisor in various strategic and global functions and programmes, eg. Eg MiFID II at Bank Julius Baer; Project Manager at UBS Wealth Management and Credit Suisse.